Palladino: Yankees’ Problems Have Nothing To Do With A-Rod’s PED Issues

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CBS New York

By Ernie Palladino
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The chips, as they say, are falling. So it won’t be long now before the Yankees bid a fond farewell to Alex Rodriguez for at least the season, and possibly forever.

Just don’t mistake whatever happens to A-Rod as one of the reasons this team has fallen into the muck of the AL East after bravely battling through the season’s first half. It’s not. The A-Rod case doesn’t even amount to a distraction. They’ve had too many other issues to battle through to even think about Rodriguez.

Now that the big, fat liar Ryan Braun has received Major League Baseball’s punishment, it won’t be long before Bud Selig gets rid of A-Rod. Count on Rodriguez getting far more than Braun’s wrist-slap of 65 games — the remainder of the Brewers’ season. Rodriguez’s admitted history of PED use and an alleged web of…

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